Most of the top watch brands will have their own world time watches, and how can the Cartier brand that has firmly established itself as one of the top watchmakers be an exception? Biggest bright spot of this Cartier watch is that it displays various information in a unique way and in the limited space: in addition to being able to distinguish the local time display between the time display of the 24 different time zone of the cities in day and night, it also has three breakthrough designs: 24 city names will be showed in watchcase lateral, at the same time it will be able to tell you the time difference between local and long-distance, and winter and summer time display

Don’t think that the information is various, and the operation is very troublesome, in fact just the opposite, this Cartier watch is very convenient to use. When you’re in the field, you only need to press the button at 2 o’clock position, the city display in the window on the left side of the watch case will turn one step, the central hour hand on the dial will follow to jump to the next hour, and if you continue to press until the name of your destination appear, the central hour hand will adjust itself to the local time. In other words, we don’t have to know in advance the jet lag time or destination time, and then their set-up slowly, as long as you know where to go.

Cartier deprecated watch dial to the window, in order to preserve the dial appearance is complete. In addition, there are two other benefits, the room of the watch dial can prompt how much your location and origin time exactly; And city window easily at the same time gives attention to two or summer and winter time display, and you can find the destination according to the patterns of the winter and summer.

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