This bronze saints PAM 00382 looks from the exterior can be known that it is belonged to Luminor series, unique crown bridge design can be said as classic, and at the same time it is the proof of the Panerai offering its help to the Regia Marina. The dark green dial with bronze material watchcase makes the PAM 00382 attracted by numerous Panerai fans, and it is the first time for the Panerai to adopt the green surface design. Other watch cases are to be clear and bright, and can’t have a scratch, but the PAM 00382 is not the same, with a little bit of rust touch kind ancient flavor is its highlight. And it is not smooth when you touch this watch, there is a little grainy on its surface. replica rolex swiss It is all of these design that make it different from other wrist watch to become a unique choice. And it is from the original 250 limited set to the official finally 1000 limited set, which also makes it the subject of attention.

This PAM 00382 watch is really a diving watch, it itself belongs to the Luminor submersible series but maybe its waterproof function is not so strong as other diving watches. First of all to say is the classic protector, crown protector can be locked the crown to reduce water entering into the watch. Then what must say is the one-way rotating watch bezel on the watch case, which can effectively record diving, and the watch bezel that can only unidirectional rotate is safe; even by accidently rotating, it also reduced the time remaining, so as to ensure the safety of the wearer.

Finally it has to say that it’s waterproof effect is as deep as 300 m which is enough to give professional divers to wear. The time scale and the pointer on the watch dial have a luminous coating, and the wearers can read time at night or deep water clearly.

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