The most popular Patek Philippe chronograph is the Patek Philippe Ref.5975. Patek Philippe has developed 8 movements, not only making innovations in the layout and design, it never fall behind in design the appearance and it functions. In order to celebrate Patek Philippe’s 175 anniversary, Patek Philippe built a particularly one whose ability in measurement would surpass other watches and is more abundant in in its functions. No other watches, like Patek Philippe, can reveal that a watch can do so many things on this small dials. If this functions can combine with proper scales that would turn a chronograph in to a wrist calculator and can do the math according to the measurement. This multi-scales watches has three scales: logarithm scales that are applied to measure speed, distance, and heat beat.

The multi-scales reflect Patek Philippe’s pursuing on perfect. The new Patek Philippe Multi-scales inherits the old Patek Philippe watches, which appears to be graceful, and simple. The elegant, layer lug is fixed beyond the case edge and above the bezel. This may looks complicated but could make sure that the case could be easily dismantled. The dial has three scales which represents three functions. In man watch, there are range finder, pulsometer and tachymeter, but in the woman watch it goes in the contrast way to man watch. Ref.5975 has only 400 limited, and there are 18 k yellow gold, white gold and rose gold for your choice. In addition, 100 platinum editions is available. In the woman edition, we have 150 diamonds edition, including the white gold, and rose gold. All those multi-scales are sewed with alligator skin belt that touches great and is fitted with a golden buckle where the Patek Philippe 1839-2014 are branded on it.

Patek Philippe Ref.5975 is surely a excellent watch that can show your charm and your prestige and makes you the most attractive among groups.

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