Here we start talking about the Patek Philippe–3974 with minute repeater and perpetual calendar. If you are a fan of Patek Philippe, just follow me here!

Minute repeater was invented very early, but it highly depends on the small spaces and requires very sophisticated skills, so it is hard to produce in quantity, therefore, it should be adjusted manually. The common sense tells us that the first minute repeater watch was produced in 1924. The early minute repeater watch is based upon the Frederic Audemars Piguet movement, and the Ref.2524 kept producing until 1960. 1960th, beyond any doubt, was a prime time for mechanical watches, when the global economy recovered from the war. The generation born after war world two now steps into adult and become the main consumers for watches. The mainstream in the watch market shifted to diving, car race and aviation and demand for such delicate watches that requires traditional skills declined. What’s more, quartz become a main challenge to the mechanical watch. until 1989, Patek Philippe released its Caliber 89 and Ref.3979 and Ref.3974 with minute repeater.

After 3979 and 3974 in 1989, Patek Philippe’s minute repeater watches becomes amazingly popular, so it began a further development. In 1992, the R27 PS tourbillon RTO 27PS was developed successfully. At the same year, the famous Patek Philippe Ref.5013 was launched, and this is the one that combines perpetual calendar and minute repeater and it is fitted with a R27 PS QR movement.

5013 is some kind of similar to the IWC which has a hexagonal shape. Week, date and leap year are displayed through an aperture and are placed separately on 9 o’clock, 3 o’clock and 12 o’clock. So if you are hunting for a minute repeater watch and appreciate the sound from the minute repeater, why not give Patek Philippe-3974 a thought?

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